Since the beginning of my career, I've been driven to help people and companies accomplish their goals.

As a young reporter, writer and producer in my hometown of Macon, Georgia, I went above and beyond to develop unique content for the TV station’s website. Traffic to the site increased 300%. 


In Atlanta, I hosted, reported and developed video campaigns that got 10x the viewership of the companies’ previous efforts. Media and marketing projects in Miami and Chicago soon followed.


Now in New York, I work with big-name brands and feisty new upstarts to develop content and campaigns that connect with customers. I focus on strategies and tactics that help them – and their audiences – thrive.

The secret of my success is simple: do the right thing at the right time with the right information. One day and one step at a time.

This works across the board, in many (most?) situations, personally and professionally. Whether you’re organizing ideas into a business presentation, putting together a marketing plan, or decluttering your closet, when you’re organized, you can do more than you thought you could, more easily. And people respond to it, more enthusiastically.


These three steps, Start. Sort. Style., are the foundation of the service I use to help clients, friends, family and followers get organized and accomplish anything.

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