It's a Miiiracle? My Knee

Here's what I love.

Miracles aren't always burning bush-style revelations or knock-you-to-your-knees life-altering events. If you look around, you might see they actually happy every day, and it makes sense that they do, because (are you sitting down??) YOU are a miracle.

Seriously. We all are! Out of, like, 100 million sperm, it only takes one to fertilize the egg that made you. But it happened. You're literally one in a million, already, just at conception!

Now, chances are good that after that first miraculous moment, there have been a lot of things that coulda taken you down since then. But they didn't! Here you are. Here we are. Miracle!

Anyways. My knee was hurting, then a doctor was like, "Really, bitch?" (not in those words, exactly) and now it doesn't hurt anymore.

It's the knee I injured, had repaired and rehabbed in high school. I tweaked in on an elliptical machine about 2 years ago, and have had trouble with it since. I saw a specialist about it late last year (mostly because my huge insurance deductible was paid down).

So I got some X-rays, and got in to see an orthopedist on the Upper East Side.

I explained my challenges to the first specialist there, and these words came out of my mouth: "Part of what makes pain bad is the anticipation of it." As in: it might actually physically hurt, but every time I go up or down a step and wonder IF it's going to hurt... that part is painful, too.

The specialists did their exams, twisting and turning it this way and that, and we learned there was really nothing structurally wrong with it (I wish I could say the same of my early pilot drafts).

The doc said I could wear a brace when I work out but, but – and this was kind of big:

"There's nothing medically wrong with your knee."

"Medically" stuck with me, and I was like... OK! Got it. I'm letting it go, Jesus.

I walked out of there with confidence. Up stairs and down, many times in the past 2 months. It's only felt a little strange maybe 1 or 2 times. Drastic difference.

Not anticipating the pain... and feeling confident in the strength... Total miracle. And, yes, may I apply this to other areas of my life, too, please!?

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