Let's talk about: My new sitcom pilot

I suppose it's natural that I'm "obsessed" with my new sitcom pilot, America the Bootyful. I mean, it would suck if I wasn't. If I wasn't, I wouldn't have made it past the initial "Oh, this would be a fun idea" moment all the way to "Damn, some of my characters' names start with the same letter, better change that" step and beyond.

It's about a young, idealistic woman named Gisele who accidentally gets a job as an Executive Producer of a popular reality show, America the Bootyful, and the hijinks that ensue.

(That's not the official logline, but you get the idea.)

One of the reasons I love this show is how it came... out of nowhere.

Several key characters ended up being inspired or influenced by 3 or so real people I know and have worked with, dating back... 15 years? It's crazy how that stuff sticks, and how it emerges as something new in a project like this.

I got some coverage on it recently, and we're in good shape! I mean, it's obviously far from perfect: there are some structural changes and conflict I need to take add in. But the tone... oh, the tone. The reader called parts of it "brilliant" and overall a "great concept." Wow.

So, what's even better than taking scraps from the past and making something fun and wacky out of it is taking scraps from the past and making something brilliant out of it. (Pinch me.)

Let me do another draft, and then I'd love to send it out for additional feedback! Let me know if you want to read!

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