STYLE / Design it Yourself!

Y'all know that I'm obsessed with the super premium scrapbook sesh look that clothes everywhere are embracing right now. Whether they're pins, patches, embroidery or (literally) scribbles, embellishments are everywhere! If you don't wanna shell out $$$ for a completely new look, this is one area you can absolutely do yourself.

Pins are the easiest: you don't even have to commit to placing them in a permanent position, like with patches. I love these, from These Are Things.

But, if you're feeling iron-willed (get it!?), go for patches! These, from These Are Things and Heasundries on Etsy, are very Gucci-inspired and sure to take that plain white tee or pair of jeans you already have to the next level. E x p r e s s y o u r s e l f !

ONE more resource: M&J Trimming, and a tip! When you create your own design, stick to a particular theme to get a more cohesive look. Are you going for a "Free Love" vibe? Something just totally silly and colorful? Or a little more refined, ornate, flowerly 70's feel? Deciding what you're going for, first, will help you make great pin and patch purchase decisions, so your project will be that much cuter in the end.

Are you DIY-ing this season? Show me pics on social media or at!

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