WORK / Science says: DO TWICE AS MUCH

You have a really great idea, but have you talked too much already in the meeting?

You'd love to talk to your friend about a project, but maybe she's too busy, and you shouldn't bother her.

You KNOW you need to post more on social media, ugh, but you don't want to appear too thirsty.

FORGET THAT. You CAN speak up, explore more, and shine brighter. Science backs you up on this!

Psychologists (Martha Beck gives us the whole scoop) found that people think about what you're doing about half as much as you think they do. It's a phenomenon that's been dubbed the "spotlight effect." There are many ways this can play out in your life, but think of it this way:

Thinking that people think about you 2x as much as they really do means you're fearing things like judgement or negative reactions 2x more than is actually happening. This means you can DO 2x as much to get the same kinds of responses that you already perceive or fear is there.

Of course, even THAT is all in your mind, but use this scientific finding to give yourself permission to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Get out there! Do more! Stretch yourself – and don't forget to share your success with me:

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