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The only thing better than having great bathroom products that delight, uplift, and, you know, moisturize you is having a simple way to keep them organized!

I've played with dozens of ideas over the years, based on the type of apartment I lived in at the time. Some had shelves, cabinets, counter space... some didn't! What every place has? DOORS. So you can serve up some really interesting storage and organization options, when you use an over-the-door shoe bag. But not just for shoes. Obviously.

Besides your bathroom products, also think about organizing kitchen stuff (utensils... snacks?... vitamins and health products) and office items. The little PVC pockets are a great size to corral lots of things that can easily become (or just look like) clutter.

Plus, for under $15 at The Container Store, this solution will lift your spirits without breaking the bank.

What are your go-to organization solutions? Share 'em with me! Kyle@KyleCollins.com

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