The world is so big and exciting, with tons of different people, perspectives, cultures and, of course, cuisines. I want to EAT IT UP!

Even if you're not a very experimental eater, you'll be pleasantly surprised by what Peruvian cuisine has in store for you. It has a comfort food quality. It's built, partially, on a base of corn and potatoes – you can't go wrong there! Quinoa and beans also figure prominently.

Sunday's journey led me to a Peruvian restaurant called Chimu Express in Brooklyn (Bushwick, to be more precise). It was great. Dinner started with Cancha, shown below, a corn snack that's popular in Peru. It seems like un-popped popcorn, but it's not! It's crunchy, with a nice roasted flavor, plus salt (usually a good idea).

Entree time. "Tacu Tacu Entrada" is rice and beans risotto, with grilled steak and a creole sauce. So good.

A popular choice means a safe bet, so this is what I ordered. The restaurant tells us that its "Lomo Saltado" is sliced beef, red onions, tomatoes, ginger, soy sauce over steak-cut potatoes. Be still my beating heart.

It was interesting to have the soy and ginger flavors on a meal that didn't feel like something you'd recognize or get from Chinese restaurant. Wikipedia confirms: Peruvian cuisine is influenced by its long multi-cultural history, so this was an easy example of that.

It's really fun to explore a new cuisine and to also be embraced by familiar flavors there. Even if you're not a very adventurous eater, Peruvian food might be something new that you'll love!

What kinds of local, regional, national and international flavors do you love? Or is there one that you want to try? Let's chat!


Please note that while this particular restaurant was great, it's just my personal experience there. It is by no means a specific endorsement and no favors, promises, payments, discounts or other preferential treatment was involved in order for me to bring this to you.


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