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I traveled to NJ and to Ohio all week last week for some work projects, and once I got home, I had that feeling of not really being "home" and settled until my bags were unpacked.

Now... I imagine that many people might just take their toiletry bag directly from their suitcase, plot it onto the bathroom counter, and just call it a day.

I realized that my process, though still quick, has a little organization behind it. From soap to lotions to mints, if you're a personal care item, you're going to find yourself in one of four spots in my home. I've found this simple system makes it easy for me to grab exactly what I need before I go – on a long trip, a day trip, or just an afternoon (that can turn into a night) out in the city.

Home #1: A bin in the bathroom. I love this simple way of corralling all of the (full-size) products I use each day. I leave it out in the open. It's easy to grab things from while in the shower. (I don't love taking and leaving products in the shower.)

Just FYI: It's a cloth bin similar to this from Thirty-One Gifts that's meant to hold file folders, and it is supremely useful for storing all kinds of things. I've used it everywhere, at different times, and it's held up really well.

Home #2: An "out and about" basket in the bedroom. I don't know about y'all, but I have a range of items I stash into a backpack and carry around for when I'm gone during the day. It ranges from essentials (hand sanitizer, like this kind from Dr. Bronner) to some might-needs and maybes (umbrella and travel-sized sunblock), depending on where the day takes me.

Rather than having to sift through the big bathroom box (the small items get lost), it's easy to keep them on their own here.

Home #3: Travel toiletries only! These are the products I won't need for getting ready in the morning or while out and about. It's a bonus when you can refill the small bottles with product from big bottles!

(Does this sound cheap? It might make me sound cheap. But, like, travel toiletries are anywhere from $1.50 - $3 each and a full-size is a million times more product for only twice the price, and... Okay! Cheap! I can live with that.)

Home #4: A bag, stashed under the bathroom sink for all the delicious, little bite-sized bath items (but only the good ones!) that I graciously take from hotels. I TOLD YOU I WAS CHEAP. And they're from my room! Not from the housekeeping cart (though a boy can dream).

This bag (nothing fancy, just basically a gallon-sized Ziplock) is less accessible, being under the sink with some other stuff, but that's okay. I'd only need to get to it once a week or so.

What are your little storage and organization routines? Share 'em! Kyle@KyleCollins.com

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