FUN / Family Vacation in Florida

Fun, via a family vacation in Florida, in 7 slides:

FIRST of all. I had a 6AM flight from LaGuardia to Panama City Beach. The last time I did a 6AM flight, I was in tears by 10AM, so I was nervous about it. But it was vacation, so I'm happy to report I was feeling good. (A Chick-fil-A biscuit in Dallas helped.)

Location: Cape San Blas, Florida. Yes, very remote. Which, yes: very quiet, not a lotta people. But, downside: no Target for miles and miles and miles. :(

Beach. Never bad!

This was fun. A "buffer reserve" (part of the wildlife conservation efforts there in Cape San Blas) took me even deeper into my calm, Zen place...

...And rewarded me at the end with this super creepy, kind of cool old dock that juts out into the middle of nowhere.


And laughs! On video! My nieces are becoming quite the content creators. I used it as an opportunity to get some career advice from them. They didn't hold back, and it wasn't pretty... but it sure was fun.

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