Report: Home Trends

Thousands of products at Chicago's 2016 International Home and Housewares show want to improve your cooking and entertaining experience. Here are our Top 5 picks.

Campaign: #OYT in NYC

In New York's Union Square, we caught up with one NYC transplant who says moving to the city was one example of how he lives life on his own terms.

Campaign: #OYT in Chicago

The #OwnYourTruth campaign included man-on-the-street interviews like this, designed to show how real people live life on their own terms and celebrate the things they love.

Report: Grand Opening

With this series of reports, we were able to capture Bealls Outlet shoppers' enthusiasm and the excitement around its Grand Opening program.  

Report: Brand Story

For shoppers who weren't familar with Bealls Outlet (and its sister store, Burkes Outlet), this report gives them some backstory (and was useful for new associate training).

Interview: Adam Lambert

MBGP organizers wanted their annual event to be seen as a "world-class, destination event." What better way to do that than to invite the world (via Twitter) to participate in this exclusive on-site interview?

Concept: Talk Show

What if you were able to get One Thing you need to make your life better and were able to help someone else, too? This concept, viewed and shared 50K times when created, explored that.

Revised Concept: Talk Show

This version, commissioned by Turner Broadcasting's HLN, explored how the One Thing concept could work in a non-studio setting.

Online Reports Recap: 2004-2013

Event coverage, how-to's, a weekly talk show experience inside my living room... We did it all for a variety of Atlanta-based organizations and media outlets.